Conquering Mt. LamLam

Getting off another regular eight-hour swing shift, my mind and body want to rest going into my weekend off, but my brain is sifting through a thousand-fold reminders.  I remove my work shoes and plan out my work schedule in the next pay period, my upcoming doctor’s appointment, consideration about higher education opportunities, and…oh yes, a hike tomorrow morning.

As every square inch of my body brush against my bed cover sheets, I cannot help but think about the things I have to do but also go over my checklist.  H2O…check, off bug spray…check, Benadryl…check, snacks…check.  Although my mind slowly travels deep into an abyss of wonder, my alarm sounds at 0400 and I prep.

I step off my doorstep, and every little task seems to crawl out my ears and stay at home.


IMG_6399 IMG_6422 IMG_6429 IMG_6434 IMG_6439 IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6460 IMG_6462 IMG_6466 IMG_6467 IMG_6469 IMG_6491 IMG_6493 IMG_6498 IMG_6502 IMG_6534 IMG_6578 IMG_6608 IMG_6632 IMG_6661 IMG_6662 IMG_6663 IMG_6664 IMG_6665 IMG_6675 IMG_6676 IMG_6678 IMG_6681 IMG_6682 IMG_6684 IMG_6687 IMG_6691 IMG_6693 IMG_6699 IMG_6701 IMG_6702 IMG_6703 IMG_6710 IMG_6714 IMG_6719 IMG_6720 IMG_6726 IMG_6731 IMG_6736 IMG_6739 IMG_6750 IMG_6754 IMG_6770 IMG_6778 IMG_6783 IMG_6789 IMG_6797 IMG_6798 IMG_6801

Although it’s a simple lesson, I realised how imperative it is to relax. As Sydney Harris states, “The best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”



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